Who can have a hair transplant?

The person who will perform hair transplantation must definitely be a surgeon, that is, a physician, and the procedure to be performed by surgeons who have the knowledge and experience in this field will constitute both a quality and a definite solution, so the people or institutions that will perform the hair transplantation should be very experienced. experienced people need to do this operation.

Since hair transplantation is a skin surgery and of course, considering the fact that plastic surgeons are the surgeons who perform skin surgery best, these procedures should be performed by plastic surgeons. Today, we have to report on the market that dentists, general surgeons, orthopedics and so on. There are many people in different branches.

According to our hair transplant center, plastic surgeons will do this best. We would like to state that you do not transplant hair to anyone other than plastic surgeons. Hair transplantation process is very important, as well as the decision phase is another important issue in the dialogue with the surgeon who will choose the surgeon, research and hair transplantation. We recommend that you choose surgeons with experience.

9 Şubat 2021 Blog
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