How Does The Success In Hair Transplantation Vary?

The first goal of hair transplant operations is to pass the operation successfully. Both the person and the surgeon performing the procedure are happy as a result of a successful hair transplant operation. There are many factors that affect the success in hair transplantation.

In the hair transplant process, it is necessary to choose the most suitable hair transplant method for the person. During the transfer of hair follicles taken for hair transplantation, the hair follicles should not be damaged and should be protected with precision.

In the second stage, the hair follicle is transplanted. The direction of the hair follicle to be transplanted is very important. For a successful result, the transplanted hair follicle must be transplanted in the appropriate direction to the person’s hair. It is also very important that the team that performs hair transplantation is qualified and experienced. The operation should also be performed in a suitable place for the operating room environment. The most important factor is determining the hairline. The hair transplant line is one of the conditions that most affect the natural appearance. It must be determined with care and attention.

Of course, there are some points that the patient must comply with for a successful result. After hair transplantation, the person should be careful against impacts. It should not lie in the area where the hair transplantation is made while lying down. If the person pays attention to such matters, very good results are seen. For a successful hair transplant, if the hair transplant team and the patient pay careful attention, a successful result is obtained.

25 Ocak 2021 Blog
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