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Who can have a hair transplant?

The person who will perform hair transplantation must definitely be a surgeon, that is, a physician, and the procedure to be performed by surgeons who have the knowledge and experience in this field will constitute both a quality and a definite solution, so the people or institutions that will perform the hair transplantation should be … Devamını oku

9 Şubat 2021 Blog

How Much Does a Hair Transplant Cost?

It is a wrong idea to examine the fee without even knowing what a hair transplant is, and to have or not to have a hair transplant, only because the price is appropriate or expensive. You should not transplant hair just to suit your budget. As with any operation, you should consult with experts to … Devamını oku

1 Şubat 2021 Blog

How Does The Success In Hair Transplantation Vary?

The first goal of hair transplant operations is to pass the operation successfully. Both the person and the surgeon performing the procedure are happy as a result of a successful hair transplant operation. There are many factors that affect the success in hair transplantation. In the hair transplant process, it is necessary to choose the … Devamını oku

25 Ocak 2021 Blog